Wednesday, June 01, 2005

letter to a farmer

a donkey called Sebastian
who works upon your farm
has not a penny to his name
and can't afford a car

he wants to buy a mini
painted up in racing green
but he doesn't have a chance because
he hasn't got a bean

spare a thought for dear old donkey
spare a kind thought for old Seb
and stop paying him in carrots
give him five-pound notes instead


At 1:27 am, Blogger sioux said...

yeah, the UK is so weird with their brown sauce... and potatoes! i had about 5 servings in one day! chips with deep fried pizza?!

At 2:46 pm, Blogger JT said...

is that a comment on the poem?

At 6:42 pm, Blogger Workshy said...

no, its all about sauce


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